Deities and Demi-gods

A Year Since Awakening

The new pantheon of gods has been awake for a year now. The Isle is lousy with beings of power, most of them rather weak. The greatest on the Isle is Black Root. The greatest in the region is The Lord of the Mesa. Terrible monsters, that snack on dragons, roam the seas. The peoples of the region pay homage to these beings or are subjugated.

The creatures of power have sensed the interlopers as well. The groups circle each other, never engaging directly, attempting to gauge each other’s true strength and intentions. But this truce cannot last long. Few of the Pantheon have done anything significant since awakening. Kamadhenu has befriended a pair of local nature spirits, Mac Tire and Cyletia and has converted the Kitch Stone tribe to her worship . . . to the detriment of Grak the Unclean.



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