Deities and Demi-gods

Gods of the Isle, Birth

The pantheon awoke, standing in pools of blood from its fallen progenitor. They aided the twisted giant that was attacked by the giant theropod. The giant thanked them for their help and told them that they needed to flee before its master arrived. Out on the plains of the great Mesa, they could see an enormous titan, flying a dragon from its forearm as if it was a hawk. The titan had just brought down a giant sauropod and they took the twisted one’s advice.

Before they departed, ‘Chinesys’ climbed the stone hill that was their progenitor and withdrew the spear that had slain him. It had a strange orange-red metal tip. The new-borns then made for the Stair but discovered that the gap between the Stair and the Mesa was more than 200 feet wide. Graviton manipulated gravity to allow him and his siblings to float down to the ground over 1000 feet below.
Fang dragon
As they descended, they were attacked by 3 dragons that roosted in the many caves between the Stair and the Mesa. Other dragons watched the battle, but did not join in. The newborns defeated the dragons, testing the limits of their new powers, and made it safely to the bottom of the Stair.

Spawned Gods:
‘baron samedi’
‘Chinesys’ (kinetic)



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