Deities and Demi-gods


Your memories are hazy. You were climbing. A few dragons came to harass you and your familiars. When you broke one’s neck, the rest thought better of it. The foliage bent and snapped as you climbed. Small simian creatures scampered about, trying to clear out of your path. Finally, you reached the top. The Stair did not directly reach the Stump. The gap was about twice your height. Manageable. You leapt the distance, snapping and crushing foliage beneath you. As you stood, you saw him not far away, waist deep in greenery. Your enemy had come to meet you.

A dragon perched on his arm. You knew he doted on a small family of them. There were other figures moving around him. Too small to see through the canopy but dangerous nonetheless. You could smell the orange metal. They must be mining it, just as you were told. You knew you were in danger. This ill-conceived plan, suggested to you by another. Too far along to turn back now. “Welcome Brother . . .”

Your vision is hazy. You are lying in a pool of some sort. It feels strangely refreshing. You look up at the sky overhead past the leaf canopy so far away. Something seems wrong. Everything looks bigger. You stagger to your feet. Several other figures rise near you. you see that you are standing in a pool of dark liquid that appears to be leaking from under a large rock formation nearby. The liquid has pooled several places, and a figure stands in each pool. They seem ill-defined. Just vaguely humanoid in appearance.

“Well, what have we here?” a grossly misshapen figure steps from the forest, looming above you. "The Master didn’t consider this . . " Branches snap. The figure jerks to the side then a large tooth-filled mouth clamps down on his shoulder, biting deep. He yells in pain and begins thrashing it with his club, but his twisted frame robs him of the necessary leverage . . .

Mechanics with MHRP



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