Local Tribes

The Peoples of the Isle:

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The Apes of the Neck. The apes generally worship/fear the Kong. They are at best semi-sentient, but may have the potential to grow. The Kong protects them from the dragons. They live in small clan-based groups on the mountains of the neck.

The Dog-men of the Plains. These creatures are vicious pack hunters that seem somewhat more intelligent than the apes. They are, at least, tool users – primarily stone and bone. They primarily worship ancestor totems.

The Lizardmen of the Southern Marshes. These creatures tend to stay in their swamps. They are also tool users, primarily stone. They seem to worship their kings as gods.

Bullywugs   warren mahy
The Frogmen of the Northern Marsh. These creatures are more about hiding that much of anything else. They have been subjugated by a sizable black dragon. They seem to fear most other creatures on the island. Even their Dragon Lord tend to spend more time under the nasty swamp water than flying around expanding his power.

The human of the Southern Isle. These tribes have no protectors. They had a meager existence hunting and fishing and hiding from other more powerful tribes. They have rudimentary stone implements.

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The humans of the Northern Isle. These humans give offerings to a clutch of dragons that live in the northern ridges. The dragons protect them from the depredations of the dog man. These tribes also have stone and bone implements.

Troglodyte by ben wootten
The troglodytes of the southern caves. These creatures occasionally come out to raid the human tribes but otherwise tend to keep to themselves. Not much is known about them. They do use stone tools.

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The snakemen the South of the Mesa. These creatures use metal tools and build impressive structures with stone. They worship a great draconic being as their God. They appear to have no fear of the Lord of the Mesa.

The Giants north of the Mesa. There are several tribes of Giants north of the Mesa many of whom may be gods themselves. They tend to stay away from the Mesa itself so as not to promote any sort of conflict. But they are not to be trifled with.

Dragon triumphant
The Dragons of the Stair There are a number of smaller dragons roosting in caves between the Mesa and the Stair. They fear the great dragon.

The Lord of the Mesa There is a great Titan who is Lord of the Mesa. He is served by an ancient dragon and her brood as well as a tribe of twisted, deformed giants. They prey upon giant lizards atop the mesa.

Local Tribes

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