Deities and Demi-gods

A Year Since Awakening

The new pantheon of gods has been awake for a year now. The Isle is lousy with beings of power, most of them rather weak. The greatest on the Isle is Black Root. The greatest in the region is The Lord of the Mesa. Terrible monsters, that snack on dragons, roam the seas. The peoples of the region pay homage to these beings or are subjugated.

The creatures of power have sensed the interlopers as well. The groups circle each other, never engaging directly, attempting to gauge each other’s true strength and intentions. But this truce cannot last long. Few of the Pantheon have done anything significant since awakening. Kamadhenu has befriended a pair of local nature spirits, Mac Tire and Cyletia and has converted the Kitch Stone tribe to her worship . . . to the detriment of Grak the Unclean.

Bovine and Lupine Shennanigans

As the twisted giant was still busily skinning the dead theropod, an unlikely shape emerged from a new pool near the progenitor. It trotted from the pool on four hooves, its full udder swaying pendulously.

Having heard a commotion over the side of the cliff, the newborn bovine God went to investigate. As it slowly levitated itself down to the bottom of the cliff, thousands of feet below, draconian eyes watched it with hungry mistrust. Evidently fearing that it must be some sort of trap, not a single Dragon went after the floating sack of steak.

Arriving at the bottom, the bovine Lord found the bodies of three dead dragons, but none of its brethren. As the cow God expanded its senses searching for its siblings, Mac Tire (who had been observing in the woods) noticed the shadow of Scar circling high above. The Wolf called out, telepathically, to the Cow, alerting her to the danger. Both of them scampered over and through the woods to a nearby hilltop where they met Mac Tire’s friend, Cyletia, a water spirit.

They stayed with Cyletia for a few months, until the Bovine one felt an urge to mother some mortals.

Cow and Wolf traveled together to a small, semi-nomadic tribe camped near the southern ridge. The people of the Two Stone tribe were impressed by the bovine Majesty descended from the heavens into their midst. Yet, they worshiped Grak the Unclean and would not be easily swayed by cows bearing udders full of healing milk and savory butter.

Still, even though the Wolf nearly burned the place down, the people rejoiced at the prospect of a God of healing and plenty. The dung-haired priest of Grak the Unclean was fed the fire.

Gods of the Isle, Birth

The pantheon awoke, standing in pools of blood from its fallen progenitor. They aided the twisted giant that was attacked by the giant theropod. The giant thanked them for their help and told them that they needed to flee before its master arrived. Out on the plains of the great Mesa, they could see an enormous titan, flying a dragon from its forearm as if it was a hawk. The titan had just brought down a giant sauropod and they took the twisted one’s advice.

Before they departed, ‘Chinesys’ climbed the stone hill that was their progenitor and withdrew the spear that had slain him. It had a strange orange-red metal tip. The new-borns then made for the Stair but discovered that the gap between the Stair and the Mesa was more than 200 feet wide. Graviton manipulated gravity to allow him and his siblings to float down to the ground over 1000 feet below.
Fang dragon
As they descended, they were attacked by 3 dragons that roosted in the many caves between the Stair and the Mesa. Other dragons watched the battle, but did not join in. The newborns defeated the dragons, testing the limits of their new powers, and made it safely to the bottom of the Stair.

Spawned Gods:
‘baron samedi’
‘Chinesys’ (kinetic)


Your memories are hazy. You were climbing. A few dragons came to harass you and your familiars. When you broke one’s neck, the rest thought better of it. The foliage bent and snapped as you climbed. Small simian creatures scampered about, trying to clear out of your path. Finally, you reached the top. The Stair did not directly reach the Stump. The gap was about twice your height. Manageable. You leapt the distance, snapping and crushing foliage beneath you. As you stood, you saw him not far away, waist deep in greenery. Your enemy had come to meet you.

A dragon perched on his arm. You knew he doted on a small family of them. There were other figures moving around him. Too small to see through the canopy but dangerous nonetheless. You could smell the orange metal. They must be mining it, just as you were told. You knew you were in danger. This ill-conceived plan, suggested to you by another. Too far along to turn back now. “Welcome Brother . . .”

Your vision is hazy. You are lying in a pool of some sort. It feels strangely refreshing. You look up at the sky overhead past the leaf canopy so far away. Something seems wrong. Everything looks bigger. You stagger to your feet. Several other figures rise near you. you see that you are standing in a pool of dark liquid that appears to be leaking from under a large rock formation nearby. The liquid has pooled several places, and a figure stands in each pool. They seem ill-defined. Just vaguely humanoid in appearance.

“Well, what have we here?” a grossly misshapen figure steps from the forest, looming above you. "The Master didn’t consider this . . " Branches snap. The figure jerks to the side then a large tooth-filled mouth clamps down on his shoulder, biting deep. He yells in pain and begins thrashing it with his club, but his twisted frame robs him of the necessary leverage . . .

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